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Why Do You Need A Pet Taxi Service?

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Do you need to take your favourite pet for an appointment with a veterinarian or groomer? Or perhaps, you want to enjoy some quality playtime in the local park with your bubbly puppy, and you need it dropped off and picked up. Regardless of your pet transportation needs, many specialised providers of pet taxi services can ensure that your pets are taken wherever they have to be and provide the following essential benefits to you. Allows you time needed to concentrate in other important engagements As a pet owner, you can’t always take time off from work or school so that you can be available whenever your pet needs to go for an appointment at the veterinary clinic, grooming parlor, etc. It is under these type of circumstances that you’ll need pet taxi service! Professional pet taxi service companies will not only deliver your pet in good time for a scheduled appointment but can even represent you during the appointment, if necessary. However, you should be ready to pay extra for the waiting time since it usually isn’t included in the base price. Safe transportation for your pets As regards to ensuring the safety of your family, you’re not ready to take any chances, and your pets are most probably part of the family by now.  By seeking expert pet taxi services, you can rest easy knowing that your beloved pets will be transported to and from the grooming parlor, veterinarian’s office or boarding facilities in the safest way possible. When transporting a pet dog by car, for example, pet taxi companies will ensure that it is locked up in a spacious crate so that it can stay comfortable throughout the trip. More so, seatbelts may be used to fasten and secure the crate to the car. The crates will help to prevent your dog from wandering around the car and thus reduce the likelihood of distracting the driver when they’re being transported. Your own car stays clean Many pet owners usually find themselves at cross-roads when it comes to the transportation of their pets. On one hand, they adore their pets and want them transported safely and comfortably. On the other hand, these pet owners cherish to keep their cars clean and devoid of mud, fur, hair, and many other things that pets can leave behind in the car. Regular taxi drivers too can be very hesitant to transport pets in their vehicles. Professional pet taxi companies will transport your pet using a well-maintained and properly air-conditioned vehicle so that you don’t have to worry about getting your own car dirty. They will use pet transportation accessories such as dog seat covers to prevent pet dirt and hair from collecting in their...

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Yes, Your Dog Can Suffer From Hay Fever Too

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If you suffer from hay fever, you can attest to how difficult the spring and summer months with a high pollen count can be. This is a very common allergic condition, and when you have contact with pollen (which is hard to escape because the pollen atoms float through the air) you can develop sore eyes, a dripping nose, and excessive sneezing. This allergic condition doesn’t only affect humans; it can also affect your pet dogs, causing them discomfort throughout the summer. If you are worried that your pet might be suffering from hay fever, here are the symptoms that you should be looking out for: A rash. Noticing a rash on a dog can be a little difficult because of the amount of hair that some dogs have, but be sure to check the face and the feet because this is where a red rash is most likely to occur. If you can’t actually see a rash, thinned out hair in these areas (as a result of excessive scratching or gnawing) could also be an indication of skin irritation. Other common hay fever symptoms. Your dog can experience all of the same hay fever problems that you experience, namely watery eyes, a runny nose, and even sneezing. While these symptoms are actually more common in humans, they can also affect dogs, but it’s likely to be a rash and itchiness that will cause the most discomfort for your pet dog. Is there anything you can do to help your dog? Of course, hay fever is a seasonal condition so you can at least derive some comfort from knowing that these symptoms should die down as the summer ends. Until then, these are some ways you can help your dog. Visit your vet. There is no cure for hay fever, not for humans nor for dogs, but there are certain veterinary services that can relieve the symptoms. Your vet should be able to prescribe oral medications such as antihistamines, which work by blocking histamines, chemicals that the body releases after pollen exposure. If you don’t know of a vet clinic near you, consider one like Belmont Avenue Veterinary Hospital. Keeping your home pollen free. On days with high pollen counts, it’s in your dog’s interest to keep him inside the home and to keep the air conditioning on so that exposure to pollen is limited. Oatmeal baths. You can help out with your dog’s itchy skin by giving him regular oatmeal baths. Simply grind up oatmeal to a powder, fill a bath with warm water, add the oatmeal, and let your dog wallow in the bath for ten minutes while you spoon the relaxing oatmeal and water mixture on to the areas of dry and irritable skin....

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